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Berkey Water Filter - Is it as good as I thought? HELP! Strange TDS results

After using a promoting the Big Berkey for more than 16 years, 
I now question if it's really as good as I thought

I'm testing both the New Millennium Concepts Black Berkey Elements as well as the British Berkefeld Super Sterasyl Ceramic Filters - Results of the TDS have me left wondering what is wrong?

Berkey water filter testing

In the video, I also use the Eco-Worthy Steam Distiller 
as the distiller is the only water cleaner that gives consistently clean results.

I purchased the Berkey directly from New Millennium Concepts 
In the video I'm using the Eco-Worthy Distiller And this TDS Meter from Amazon

I've been using and promoting the Berkey System for at least 15 years
In 2010 I created a post including all the lab results and specs:


Now I'm wondering have I made a mistake?
After having HTMA tests done, both myself and hubby show high levels of copper in our bodies.  We've been strictly drinking Berkey water sine 2008.

I inherited a second Berkey from my mother, so I decided to clean both units well, install new filters and buy a TDS meter to test them.

I was reading that some say the Daulton filters are better so I purchased these to try.
I followed the install instructions and ran through 3 full cycles before I started testing.

I ran the tap water for several minutes before filling the units. I used cold tap water for all the tests.
I've tested it several times with similar results...

The Berkey filter rate HIGHER in TDS than the tap water.
What's even more interesting is the results after running distilled water through.

Now I did consider that maybe ceramic or carbon particles could be getting into the filtered water - but one would think that if it's filtering the water but adding a bit of ceramic or carbon in - the results should not be more than the original tap or distilled water - Right?

If anyone has any ideas what is causing the results of the water filtered through these elements having a higher TDS result, please let me know.

I'll be sending this to the companies and hopefully they can explain.

In the meantime, I'm sticking to distilled and bottled spring water.

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