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DIY Make Your Own All Natural Cold Sore Killer Balm 💣 Recipe Kills Cold Sores Fast!

DIY Recipe! 
I made this all natural balm for hubby
and he's amazed!

Cold Sore Balm Recipe
Normally his cold sores last 10-12 days. 
With Garlic oil alone they heal up in about 6 days
This balm had him almost gone in 24 hours and completely clear in 4 days!
Heal cold sores Naturally
Video Tutorial

1 Teaspoon beeswax
2 Teaspoons of garlic infused oil
2 drops clove bud oil
1 500mg L Lysine

Melt the oils and wax together over medium heat, remove from heat and stir in L Lysine Powder, pour into a container and cool for 1 hour.

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