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I Finally Have Real Grow Lights! ­čöćEASY TO INSTALL­čöć SANSI 36W Full Spectrum Grow Light Bulbs

Grow Light Bulbs
Sansi Grow Light Bulbs

I've been using my window ledge or old Christmas lights for starting my indoor seeds for many years - this has often lead to weak and lanky plants - Living in a small space I didn't want an untidy light set-up with large lights, brackets & chains - With the SANSI Grow lights and a few simple socket extenders I have a neat and tidy set-up right in my kitchen.

Sansi grow light

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I also purchased some lamp holders which worked out well 
for getting the lights even closer to young seedlings

I simply clamped them on to the inside frame of the Vegepod lid
for a neat and tidy set-up

What a difference light makes!

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