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Vegepod 🌿 Unboxing & Assembly

My old greenhouse has just about had it,

I was looking for something to replace it.

I wanted something more portable to be able to take advantage of the sun, 
and to extend the growing season in our short climate.


After quite a bit of searching - I found Vegepod.

I gave them a call and they are an awesome bunch who truly believe in their product. 

It was refreshing to find a family company who cares about what they do and their customers, so I partnered with them to try out their mobile self watering raised garden bed that's deep enough to grow root vegetables with a nice tall cover for even tomatoes.

It has both a screen and a greenhouse cover - How awesome is that?!

Here we unbox, take a first look at and assemble our vegepod!

It's a long video so here are the timestamps if you'd like to skip ahead:
Timeline: @8:10 Unboxing @9:55 Pod Assembly @15:45 Stand Assembly @27:57 Pod In Stand @28:18 Cover Assembly @37:21 Fully Assembled

I can't wait to get growing in these pods and will share with you our experience throughout the year.

If you're interested in getting your own Vegepod
Check them out at
(also available in other countries 
just change the flag in the top left)
Use code: CC10 for 10% off! 

Happy Growing!

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