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Mountain Warehouse Women's Outdoor Shoe Haul

Mountain Warehouse Women's Outdoor Shoe Haul
I recorded this earlier in the year and realized it was never uploaded! 
Here are some decent quality hiking & walking shoes you can get at 
(UK,USA & Canada) 
for under $39.99 CDN

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cheap silk gloves

Before I get to the shoes, I have to say the 100% Silk gloves are wonderful and for $7.99 to boot!
Comfortable, have just the right amount of natural stretch to fit snugly, they have worked very well as liner gloves keeping my hand much warmer with a lightweight layer all winter.
Natural silk is not itchy and great for those with sensitive skin, whisks away moisture and keeps hands warm and dry.  I also found them very easy to use with my camera as they fit well giving good dexterity. 

Here are the shoes I purchased and are featured in the video

Mountain Warehouse Women's Annapurna Shoe
A Mountain Warehouse Bestseller
With a 4.5 star rating, the Annapurna Womens Softshell Running Shoes are made of a light and breathable softshell upper with a durable rubber outsole for different terrains. They have a mesh lining and reflective details. I found them a little wide in the toe box and a tad stiff but good for the price.
Curlews Shoe
Another Bestseller with a 5 star rating
Waterproof & breathable, and with a sturdy rubber sole - none of that foam stuff, the Curlews Womens Shoes are lightweight and comfortable for a hiker.

Mcleod Shoe
I wanted to love these but the fit wasn't quite right.   
The Mcleod Womens Shoe has a durable rubber sole and breathable upper. 

Sherwood Shoe
I loved the look of these shoes but I would need to size down quite a bit, they were about a full size too long - yes long.  The width fit perfectly but the toe was much longer than a usual size 7.
These outdoor walking Shoes are lightweight, breathable with a suede-mesh upper and cushioned footbed, again, big bonus for the rubber outsole which offers durability.

Overall, I was quite impressed by the quality of the footwear for the price, good materials, removable insoles, rubber soles, quality laces - pretty much everything you'd expect in a great walking/hiking shoe.  The sizing was a bit off - I found them to be a bit larger than other brands, so be prepared to do some exchanging which is not that difficult as they have a 60 day refund/exchange policy and if you have a store in your area you can return them to the store free of charge.

If you want to check them out, Here's my associate link to 
If you use it - I get a commission 😃

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