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Sanitizing Groceries - The CORRECT way from a 20 year expert

There are several videos circulating 
showing how to decontaminate your groceries
Some include very dangerous suggestions such as spraying food with sanitizers
Many of these are NOT safe or legal to use around food and should NOT be on your bare hands. 
They are poison. 

How to sanitize groceries

As someone who has been doing this for over 20 years due to health issues, I consider myself an expert at grocery decontaminating, and while these messages may mean well they are very flawed.  Just because a doctor tells you to do something in a video, does not mean they are correct, experienced in the subject or following product labels.

Many say to picture germs as glitter, if you followed some of the methods shown on YouTube you'd see that they would still have glitter all over the kitchen along with increasing the risk of serious santitizer poisoning.

"The CLOROX label states that if you’re using this product to sanitize you are to rinse the surface with water AFTER using a Clorox wipe, especially if this surface comes in contact with food. And that you must wash your hands after using this product."

Using sanitizer on food will for sure make people sick and many of these sanitizers are not safe to have on your skin or healthy to breathe adding further stress to your lungs.

Be sure if you attempt to do this you are using a food-safe sanitzer such as vinegar or peroxide.
Lysol & chlorox are not safe for food and are not safe to have on your hands nor do they kill viruses unless they remain wet on the entire surface for more than 3 minutes. These methods may actually do more harm than good.

Here's how to safely sanitize groceries:

It's best if two people do this (but don't worry - It can be done by one person).
  • My hubby generally does the shopping, so on his return home he leaves his gloves on to handle the outside of the packages. He stays outside and has a trash can laid on the deck.
  • I stay inside with clean colanders and containers.
  • The inside person should never touch the outside of any package.
  • All boxed items are opened by the person outside, the person inside will retrieve the bags from inside the boxes. And the outside person will place the boxes in the trash.
  • For bagged items, the outside person opens the bags & the inside person holds the clean container for it to be dumped into.
  • All produce again gets unwrapped by the outside person and the inside person places it in colanders to go into the sink and be sprayed with vinegar, it can stay in the sink while the remainder of the groceries are un-packaged. Having produce in colanders in the sink makes it easier to rinse and drain.
  • Items such as cans that can't be un-packaged should be sprayed with peroxide or vinegar, wiped off and placed in a pantry (preferable in the basement or away from the kitchen) and remain there for as long as possible - until needed. Even after this is done, be sure to wash the top of the can again before opening and wash your hands afterwards.
  • While wearing gloves, nest all your reusable shopping bags inside one bag (preferably one with a zipper) return them to the trunk of your car for the next shopping trip.  If you can, hang them in the sun first.
  • After the produce has sat for 10 minutes coated with vinegar spray, rinse well. Vegetables that are delicate such as lettuce should be rinsed with cool water and patted dry with a clean cloth, hard vegetables and fruit can be rinsed well with hot tap water and dried before refrigerating. The cloth used for drying can now go into the washer.
If you are doing this alone...

Place containers & colanders outside on a clean area of the deck. (If you can't do this outside, do this inside your door placing all the dirty groceries on a garbage bag - laid down like a mat on the floor) Put on disposable gloves and un-package everything being careful not to touch anything that's inside the package with the dirty gloves. Once everything is placed in the clean containers, gather all the dirty packaging, bag it up, nest all your reusable shopping bags inside one bag return them to the trunk of your car for the next shopping trip.  Take off your gloves and toss them with the garbage. Wash your hands then follow the above procedure to continue to wash your unpackaged groceries.

The one who does the shopping should decontaminate at the door by changing out shopping clothes and hanging it on the line or taking them straight to the washer.  Leave shoes outside or on a tray near the door and take a shower.
And when all is said and done - Just wash your hand before you eat!

Here's what a friend of mine 
(who is also an expert at grocery de-contaminating) 
had to say:

Please do not put your family at risk cleaning food products with sanitizers that are not approved for food.

Vinegar, peroxide and soap & water are food-safe sanitizers.

Peroxide based sanitizers are approved by health Canada to Kill COVID-19.



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