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How To Wear Leggings in Winter & A Colorful Winter Look YesWeVibe

Well, since hubby got all those 
colorful shirts for Christmas 
I decided I really needed some color in in my life 
since we have many months ahead of white winter.

I already have a pretty unique and colorful winter coat and wanted something else to add just a little more color. In previous videos I showed you the beautiful stuff from YesWeVibe, so I headed over there and put together a great garden look for winter.

Now if you follow my videos, you know I don't wear synthetic fabrics - well not against my skin at least, but for outerwear it's fine. So a great way to wear those colorful polyester leggings is to size-up and wear them over your pants for a colorful winter outer layer. Just tuck your pants into your socks then slip the leggings right over top.

I also got the matching winter boots- just look at that gorgeous pattern! And I think It works very well with my coat. The pattern I chose is the Boho Stitch Pattern, now I can have beautiful flowers all winter long.
For those wondering my coat is unfortunately discontinued - The down-free ParkaType Jacket from Orage - it is exceptionally warm - much needed fore Newfoundland weather, but the outer fabric pills & stains easily - I still love it though :) 


If you love colorful patterns and you like this look 
you can check out the Boho Stitch Pattern Boots & Leggings 
at YesWeVibe or any of their other amazingly colorful patterns, 
Oh and there's a 10% off coupon in it for you - just be sure to use the code: CANARY10


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