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Newfoundland Snow Storm Stormageddon 2020

On Friday January 17th 2020 Newfoundland 
saw a record-breaking snowfall, 
some areas as much as 93cm. It fell with raging winds of 140 - 180 km/hr 
AND it fell on top of the 180ish-cm we've had since Christmas!


In This Video:
Power is still out - we're froze but safe. 
Catch you later as we have a lot of work ahead of us yet. 
Follow Hubby for more info on our our generator

More snow to on the way! 
We were very lucky to get a loader this morning - $100 got us out to the road in 20 minutes
Hubby and I still had 2 full days of shoveling and the garage is still not accessible. 
Power is finally back but I'm not thawed out yet. 
Rough for everyone but especially difficult for us with MCS and 2 types of anemia
Lots of rest, Iron and B12 needed now. 
My mother's power went back out again. 
Stay safe everyone!

#snowjoeVSstormageddon #squirrelsurvivesstormageddon
There's still a state of emergency issues but grocery stores will be accessible tomorrow. 
We are finally warmed up! And hubby is back at snow clearing!

 If you want to see more than my little half acre - Check out NL Snowmageddon 2020 Information Center Facebook group for some fun people & amazing photos! 

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