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Start Cleaning & Stop Coating With Chemicals! All Organic AO Certified Organic Cleaning Products Review

Start Cleaning & Stop Coating With Chemicals! 

I've been researching chemicals in consumer products since the 90's, many of my family, friends and viewers come come to me when they want to find products with safe and trustworthy ingredients.

At one time there were very few products labeled as organic, safe or "green".
Now companies know that we want safer products - which has lead to another problem -Greenwashing. 

 While you can go to any website or down any grocery store isle and find products that claim to be "Green", "Natural" and even "WITH organic ingredients" this only adds to the confusion. As I always tell those who trust my opinion - ALWAYS read ALL of the ingredients ALL of the time. It's the only way to know what you're using.  Green & natural labels, bunnies, and "derived from" does not mean that a product is healthy or safe.

I've shared many of my DIY cleaning products over the years - and my viewers love them, but not everyone has the time to make everything from scratch, so there are a few products I recomend.

One product line I found recently and have been recommending is the USDA certified organic line of cleaning products from AO (All Organic). I've read through all of the ingredients and they are truly pure and natural.

I was very excited for the opportunity to partner with AO to feature some of their products and introduce them to you.

They have great Home Cleaning Kits for those who want to detox their cleaning routine and get started on chemical-free cleaning in their homes.

Many of their products are very lightly scented with pure essential oils, so if you are ultra-sensitive you may want to opt for individual products that are completely scent-free.

The three products I will be reviewing contain no essential oils.

The first and my favorite is the glass & surface cleaner. It did a great job cleaning glass -even the greasy residue that builds up on my kitchen door that vinegar won't cut.
A great multi-purpose cleaner.
755ml Spray Bottle retails for $9.99CDN 

The ingredients are:
Purified Water, Organic Acetic Acid, Organic Ethanol, Organic Sapindus Mukorossi Extract (organic soapberry), Organic Glycerin.

Next I tried their disinfectant/sanitizer. With a faint naturally occurring scent of brown sugar, this cleaner left no residues behind. The germ-fighting power that kills 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses lies in the organic cane sugar ethanol and citric acid. Great for cold & flu season and for cleaning bathrooms or even spraying the bottom of your shoes if you've been outside - Wish I had this when I had my chickens, I'm pretty sure it would be great for cleaning the coop, waterers & feeders. :) 
755ml Spray Bottle retails for $9.99CDN

The ingredients are:

Water, Citric Acid, Organic Sapindus Mukorossi Extract (Chinese soapberry), Ethanol (Organic).

And lastly I tried the Gear Cleaner.  It's safe for all surfaces including plastic, metal, cloth and any hard surface, and makes for a great all-purpose gunk cleaner. Spray it on and leave it for a few minutes, then rinse and it removes bugs and debris and leaves no cloudy residue behind.  Hubby also tried it on his filthy dirty fat bikes, and while we initially thought "gear cleaner" meant it could clean bike gears - um nope - Just your "gear" - like your sporting goods. It simply couldn't cut through the greasy bicycle gears - but on the frame - amazing! Spray it on dried mud and wipe clean - a little rinse and you're done (watch the video - you'll be amazed). 
755ml Spray Bottle retails for $9.99CDN

The ingredients are:

Purified Water, Organic Sapindus Mukorossi Extract (organic soapberry), Organic Ethanol, Potassium Carbonate, Organic Potassium Sunflowerate (organic sunflower oil soap), Organic Potassium Olivate (organic olive oil soap), Organic Glycerine, Potassium Hydroxide (Used to turn oils into soap).

Their line also includes: Bottle Wash, Dish Soap, HE Laundry Detergent (in 2 sizes), Fabric & Air Mist, Fruit & Veggie Wash and Hand Soap. All USDA certified organic.

Cleaning is not cleaning if you use synthetic products - You're just coating with chemicals. 

If you're looking to transition to better way to clean your home, with the AO Home Cleaning Kits, you can easily replace all your toxic cleaners with safe organic ones.

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