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How To Keep Your Car Clean & Organized - High Road Organizers

We had the wonderful opportunity to unbox and try out 
some of these great automotive interior organizers and protectors.
Check them out we're glad we did! 

I was initially going to outfit my Micra with all this great Highroad Gear but when Hubby set his eyes on it he nabbed most of it for his new CX5 - And well, since he's the big fat bike enthusiast, he does need it more than me.

The TabletPockets Seatback Protector is easy to install and has plenty of storage, even has a great pocket for your tablet and while he didn't use the deep pocket, it's there for extra storage if needed.

The StashAway Back Seat Trash and Tissue Organizer is a must for everyone and while I really wanted it, hubby is the one who makes the biggest mess in his car so it was best he take it.  Again, it installed quite easily, also offers seat protection, has a full size tissue box holder, can hold a ton of gear and has a fully lined washable trash can to keep your trash and recyclables off the floor.

I was happy to let hubby have the seat back protector because when carrying his fat bike the muddy tires can soil the seats and in winter studded tires pose a risk of tearing seat fabric.  Highroad seat back protector is like insurance for the new Mazda's seats.

Hubby was delighted that all of his fat bike gear fit neatly in one cargo cube - because I'm keeping the other one we may just have to get a few more of these.  Even room for snacks!  The Velcro on the bottom does keep it firmly in place in your SUV.

For me, I had to have a CargoCube too!  
Being a gardener, I'm always carrying muddy dirty things but I hate a dirty car.

This cube is amazing.  It is great for carrying potted plants and keeping the car clean.  On my plant rescues, I often see a plant and forgot to bring a pot.  I tested out this cube and it has no problem holding dirt, soil and even water.  

And it can rinse clean easily dries quickly and can be folded neatly ready which is perfect for a compact car.

I didn't think I would, but I actually really love the Highroad Contour CarHooks. With very little storage in the Micra these hooks have served me well for hanging my bags, hoodie hat and other things keeping them out of the way and off the floor.

Whether you have a family, you're a sports enthusiast or just a neat freak like me, check out the products from Highroad for a great way to keep your car clean, tidy, protected and organized.


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