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Add Luxury Features To An Economy Car - FOR CHEAP - Aliexpress Center Console Install #micrabling

Since downsizing from a luxury vehicle to an economy car, 
I find there are some things lacking - of course. 

Car accessories

 I don't want to spend a fortune accessorizing an economy car yet I want some of the nice features I was accustomed to. One of those features is extra storage. Funny how we form habits - I found that every time I got in the car I would reach for the console to toss the items in my hand but would have to lean over the passenger seat and put them in the glove box as there is a lack of storage in the Micra. 

The solution - A fairly inexpensive center console from Aliexpress but it turned out to be a tad more difficult to install because of some poor design choices by Nissan, in the end we got it installed and I'm very happy with the results :)



they have consoles to fit many makes & models of cars

The brand can also be found on Amazon

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