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Cheap Car Parts & Accessories - A New Scuff Guard #micrabling

Hubby and I went on a date, 
nope no fine dining or flowers, 
something even better! 

To a scrap yard! 
You can find some pretty awesome car parts & even great quality accessories for awesome prices AND you're helping the environment. Check out my new scuff guard and a few other things we found for future projects :)

Scrap Yard

You May have seen my Facebook post last week
From A Matrix - Fits A Micra
Hubby & I went on a "date" diggin' around Parts U Pick and my eagle-eye guesstimated that this bumper scuff guard on a scrap Toyota Matrix would fit the Micra, yanked it off - brought it home - cleaned it up - removed all the old trim tape - added some new stuff and Voila! 
Fits like a smack in da mouth. :D Why buy new when you can reuse :)


Take a look at where we got it 
and some other goodies we found:

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