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My New Car Nissan Micra Canada | Buying A Car With Chemical Sensitivities

I just bought a new car! 
I'm getting older so it's time to get something more sensible...yea right LOL 
You know me, it still has to be unique!

Aww look at them :) 
Gotta say goodbye to the H3 & X90 (re-homing them asap)
It's so hard to shop for vehicles with MCS, and it's been a rough few months, 
but I finally found something tolerable.

Welcome little 2017 Nissan Micra - My new fun project.

I lucked into this little car that was sitting on the lot for 2 years so it wasn't very smelly.  It's been a rough ride (pardon the pun) finding a new scent-free vehicle.  While the Nissan dealer offered a $4000 "discount" on the Micra, the Mitsubishi Mirage had a $1000 discount on their 2019 model which actually made it cheaper than the 2 year old demo Micra.  However, Mitsubishi were too difficult to deal with - See below.

The Suzuki X90 was the car I wanted to keep, but could not get the "old lady perfume" out of it.  It's been 3 years now with the windows opened every summer and it still smells of perfume, so it just has to go :(

I was extremely lucky with the Hummer as the previous owner had allergies and never used anything inside the vehicle.  As they were the only owners, and it was 3 years old, it worked out great. 

We tried looking at buying other used vehicles but were not able get lucky a second time.  With people using so many chemicals, perfumes & deodorizers most used cars are impossible to detox - we tried.

Generally new cars are much too plasticy, even though many new car manufacturers are reducing interior VOC's.  I found that new Toyota's are quite tolerable and have read that Ford has reduced many VOC's.  This is great news but not good enough for us. 

As mentioned above, the Mitsubishi Mirage was on sale and I could have purchased a 2019 for cheaper than the 2017 Micra, but they wouldn't order in what I wanted.  I was willing to pay up front and wait the 3 months to get it, but nope, they said pick from what they have on the lot.

I told the sales consultant "well I guess I'll have to get the Nissan Micra" and they replied (something to effect of) well, if you want to buy Walmart sneakers then...(referring to the Micra).  I even went so far as to contact  Mitsubishi Canada and was told the dealer gave me "options" so I should choose from them.   Yes, I was offered one of two options; 1) A manual transmission mirage or 2) A fully loaded model with all the electronics and do-dads that I didn't need or want to pay for.
If they were so difficult to deal with when I wanted to spend would they be with warranty issues? eek! 

Therefore, the Micra demo seemed best my best option as it had a while to off gas some of the newness, nobody sprayed it with perfume or got their personal stink embedded in that's what I bought.

I just had to make SURE the dealer did not have it detailed, and reminded them of this repeatedly just in case.  They didn't detail- whew!  But they did put new mats inside which had a really bad rubber/plastic smell.  So they're out by the door still gassing off.

When I went to pick it up, I discovered a few scratches, and a dent in the door.  I mentioned this to the sales rep and she suggested they send it to have the dent pulled.  I asked for a paint pain and some body-side moldings instead.  After getting the car home I also discovered some rust and a large deep set of swirl marks on the hood.  This is disappointing.  While I did get a discount, this car is 2 years old, has very little factory warranty remaining and had less features than the 2019 model that sells for only $4000 more.  According to the dealer, the 2019 models also have a $5600 back up camera that mine does not have...So with the age, wear & tear, less warranty and features, $4000 off may not have been such a great deal, but it was tolerable for my sensitivities and still cute!

Over the summer I will be customizing this little Micra, adding a bit of comfort & of course Bling lol as well as getting her ready for Canadian winters, so don't forget to Subscribe To My Micra Playlist for updates!

Here are the specs on the 2017 Nissan Micra SV:
  • Front wheel-drive 
  • Subcompact five-door hatchback
  • ENGINE 1.6L inline-four
  • POWER 109 hp @ 6000 rpm, 107 lb-ft of torque @ 4400 rpm
  • TRANSMISSION Four-speed automatic
  • BRAKES Front disc, rear drum with ABS
  • TIRES 185/60R15
  • FUEL ECONOMY (L/100km) 8.9 city, 6.8 highway, 7.9 combined
  • GROUND CLEARANCE 154 mm/6.06"
  • CARGO CAPACITY 820 L / 1,004 litres seat folded down
  • Four-speed auto, power windows, power locks, remote keyless entry, Bluetooth, air conditioning and steering wheel controls for audio and phone, heated body-coloured mirrors, body-coloured exterior door handles, AM/FM/CD/Aux-in audio system with 4 speakers, a 6-way driver’s seat with attached armrest, cloth front door trim accent.

Here are my cleaning methods and products
Auto Spa Day (MCS Non Toxic Car Cleaning)

Micra Canada Form

If you're in the market for a new Nissan in Newfoundland 
here's my contact (Tell her Judie sent you):
Kim Losinski
Sales Consultant
O'Neill Nissan
938 Topsail Road  Mount Pearl NL A1N 2W4
Phone: (709) 368-6011
Fax: (709) 364-9204


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