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Large Raised Bed Irrigation System for Under $100

Build your own large raised bed irrigation system 
for under $100

See it installed!

For this project you will need:

  • Garden Hose (Length depends on your project). This is a great way to reuse an old garden hose that has holes). You'll need enough to connect between each bed,  go up the sides of each bed and go from the beds to your rain barrel or faucet.
  • Soaker hoses - One for each bed
  • Landscape Pins
  • 1/2" Pex fittings & clamps 90's & Tee's (brass is best) you will need a Tee for the first bed at the base and for each connecting bed as well as a 90 (elbow) for each bed and the last bed base.
  • A Y-splitter for your faucet (Optional) (If you want to be able to use a separate garden hose) 
  • And a timer (Optional) if you need automatic watering. 

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