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Sony Cybershot WX500 VS Canon PowerShot SX730HS Best point & shoot camera for photography, video and sound

Searching for the best point & shoot camera 
for photography, video and sound.

Camera Compare
I love taking photos. 
 I love taking photos and sharing my surroundings with other people, 
and I really love selling prints of my photos, does that make me a photographer? 
Maybe, maybe not, but I call myself a photographer anyway.

 You can check out my art & photography at 
Most of the photos on my website were taken with my Sony DSCWX500
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I don't like expensive heavy camera equipment. It's very cumbersome and saps the joy out of just going for a nice walk in nature and shooting a few photos. I'm not the gal who goes to the park, lugs in a backpack full of gear, sets up a tripod teetering a massive lens on the end of my camera, and just sit there for hours to capture one good photo of some rare bird. I just want to throw a camera in my pocket, enjoy a great walk in the woods and take a quick shot when I see something interesting.  

I also need to use the camera for creating videos for my YouTube channels.

This review is not about ISO settings, aperture or any of the other photography jargon that I honestly know very little about. I almost always use my point and shoot camera quite literally - just point and shoot - on the auto setting.  For this review both cameras are set to auto.

Point & Shoot Camera Compare
Canon PowerShot SX730 HS (LEFT) new camera VS Sony Cybershot WX500 (RIGHT) current camera

I'm looking for a compact point & shoot camera that can do it all.  Nice photos, long zoom, good macro, quality video and nice sound - who don't right?

My older Sony WX500 had taken a few bangs - as you can see in the photo above, and is not performing as well as it did when it was new.  And my very old Canon SX20IS (below) is broken beyond repair due to a mishap involving a rickety tripod on tile.

Very old Canon SX20IS (Notice the microphones)

The old Canon SX20IS had unbelievably good audio, it had dual left & right sizable stereo mics located on either side of the lens that produced nice clear sound almost resembling binaural sound, without any hissing, hollowness, tinniness or white noise. The size and location of the mics allowed you to easily produce clearly separate left & right sounds. The location also kept them tucked away from blowing winds.  The body was a bit bulkier than I like since it was a bridge camera. And the technology is now outdated.  

Canon SX60HS 

I did purchase the new Canon SX60HS last year along with a load of accessories but I was very disappointed in the built-in sound quality and mic location, the image stabilization is much inferior and unsuitable for freehand photography and the newer camera is larger and bulkier than it's predecessor, being as large as any DSLR yet it's a bridge camera.  So I will be selling this camera and all it's accessories to someone who prefers the showiness of a large camera and someone who likes to tinker with the many settings as it's not suitable for my needs.  

Canon SX60HS with batteries, filters, binaural mics...

About 4 years ago I upgraded from my old broken Canon to a Sony Cybershot WX500. 
I find this is my go-to camera, I never reach for the larger Canon SX60. 

Sony Cybershot WX500 (Current Camera)

I love that it has a 30x zoom, decent macro, nice video and the sound is pretty good, it does not have the greatest audio because of the tiny mics located on the top of the camera.  The sound is not as good as the old SX20 but the camera was better in all other aspects.

Because this camera has a few injuries, I'm now in the market for a new camera.

My criteria for a camera:
  • Must be compact and easy to carry - I just don't enjoy photography with a heavy cumbersome DLSR camera.
  • Must have a flip up LCD screen. A 360 would be better but flip is fine. I don't like stationary or tilt only.
  • Longest zoom possible. I enjoy wildlife photography so a long zoom is a must.
  • Good image stabilization. Since I don't carry a tripod, free-handing with long zoom cameras requires good stabilization.
  • Good macro. Again with nature photography, macro is an important feature.
  • Decent video. Again this requires good stabilization and also good sound quality.
  • Sound Quality. One thing often overlooked in cameras is good sound quality. Again, I would prefer not having added accessories (although a mic port wouldn't hurt)so it's very important that the camera sound quality is good.
Other things I would love but may be just wishful thinking is:
  • Mic port & hot shoe
  • Great in low light and night
  • Viewfinder
  • Lens adapter with filter options
  • And come on camera makers - Improve the sound quality and build in the binaural mics!
When looking at camera reviews and specs most sites and YouTube reviews rarely speak about or record sound quality which is a very important aspect if you will be filming video with audio.

After looking at many cameras online and comparing the specs, these are the ones I decided are the best contenders that should fit closest to my needs:

Another Sony Cybershot DSCWX500 (just get a new one since the other one is a bit tattered)
Canon PowerShot SX730HS
Nikon Coolpix A900
Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS70

All are in the $400 - $500 CDN price range

DP review has a great side-by-side comparison tool which I used to narrow down my choices. 

For now I will be comparing my current Sony Cybershot DSCWX500 
with the Canon PowerShot SX730HS

Canon PowerShot SX730 HS (LEFT) new camera VS Sony Cybershot WX500 (RIGHT) current camera 

I find it interesting that the Canon is classified as an "ultracompact" and the Sony a "compact"
when the Canon is noticeably larger & heavier than the Sony.

@0:01 - @2:00 Comparing Cameras
@2:00 - @4:33 Comparing Video, Zoom & Sound
@4:34 Photo Comparison

In this video, I compared the Sony Cybershot WX500 and the PowerShot SX730HS in weight, feel, picture quality, video and sound.

While the Canon PowerShot SX730HS did produce some nice photos and has a slightly longer zoom, the size and weight were some major losing features with the Canon.

The most troubling for me was the poor sound quality with a constant white noise and a "purring sound" as you hear the processor working (I assume) as well as the reduction of voice during zoom.

Purple fringe on photos from Canon SX730HS

I also don't like the purple/blue fringing that seems to be common with Canons especially in outside or high contrast photos.

Both cameras did produce nice photos with the Canon PowerShot SX730HS outperforming the Sony on Maco at close (1cm) range, but the Sony fared much better on nature shots.

I found the stabilization to be good on both the Sony and the Canon up to 30x zoom, but once the Canon extended past 30X the stabilization did not fare well.

For these reasons, I've decided not to go with the Canon and have returned it.  

In the future I will be comparing a Nikon and a Panasonic to my current Sony.
Do you know of any other compact point & shoot superzoom cameras worth comparing?  
If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear from you!  Leave a comment below.

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