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1 Person In 10 Years Saved Over 200 Old Socks! How To Reuse Old Socks

Zero Waste Solution
Sometimes we don't even think about it when we toss something in the garbage 
especially things like old socks.

zero waste

I decided to save every old holey sock for 10 years and gathered up 
a huge bag of fabric that would have ended up in the landfill
I've tried using them for lots of things, dusters, Swiffer cloths, hair ties, hats and small sewing projects yet still I ended up with more than 200 old socks. 

I came up with 3 (well 4) ways to use up a load of old socks and keep them out of the landfill.
A set of chair pads, a dog bed, and a zafu and/or papasan cushion!

Here are a few other ways to use old socks:

Also how to make rag yarn from old clothes & 

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