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Win A Custom Pet Portrait, Chatting About Life & Watch Me Paint

Today I have a little giveaway 
for all you pet lovers out there!

To Enter:
1. Like my facebook page (if you haven't already) 
2. Comment on this post with a picture of your furbaby 
3. Share and ***tag your friends in the facebook post to vote for your photo***.

The picture with the most likes wins!
Draw will take place November 20th 
A digital file will be sent via email for you to print any way you like, so this is open world wide!

Recently I've taken a new turn in life, well not new but I should say I've rekindled an old love for art.

When I was a child and even into my teens, art, painting and architecture was my passion, I won so many awards and even illustrated a small book.

After getting sick and becoming sensitive to paints and certain pigments I spent many frustrating hours trying to develop an organic natural paint.

I created many versions, many didn't spread or blend correctly and a few that did, were not UV stable and would fade in light, so I just had to keep them tucked away in a dark place or watch them fade away.

I decided to tuck away this part of my life and move on to Youtube in 2010 and share my other DIY's and creations with the world. I kinda sucked at YouTube but I still enjoyed filming and uploading videos.

The community was great at that time but over the years Youtube has changed and grew much bigger, with more people, came more negativity and people who wanted me to change my style (you talk too much, you talk to loud, get to the point) I never thought I would, but over the years I let this change me and in the process I was getting frustrated and no longer really enjoying creating videos for my channel. 

Then last year YouTube made changes to the algorithm and I was no longer getting views, my subscribers were not seeing my videos, some of you even emailed me personally to ask why you don't see my videos any more.

I also became sick with some serious digestive issues again, during this time I couldn't venture too far from the house, I also had lost all 15 of my pets to old age and was feeling a bit lonely in the day. I decided to teach myself to use some art programs and apps and start painting again.

In recent years I've taken up photography as well and have been told by many wonderfully talented photographers that I should be promoting my work. I tried upgrading to bigger and better cameras but found carrying the bulky gear just took the joy out of my nature hikes, so armed with a point & shoot camera I very much enjoy nature photography and creating short films of our beautiful province and wildlife.

Watch the playlist

One day I took a photo of the cutest furbaby who walks on our trails and decided to come home and paint him. I have to say, there is a huge learning curve with digital art and lots of glitches which can be frustrating but I was determined to paint again.

Many people say "oh that's photo-shopped" or ask what is a digital painting. Really, it's the same as any other painting just using a different set of tools. All of my pet portraits are hand painted using digital brushes. Using digital tools, including a stylus, I apply the same techniques as I would painting on canvas. Colors are chosen and mixed and individual brush strokes are made just as you would with oils or acrylics.

There is a difference from a digital painting and computer generated art. One requires more artistic skills and the other more technical skills (and well, some can just use an app but they look like they've been app created). I also often wonder why some people hate so much on Photoshop art, I think they just don't understand the process and how it still does take effort, talent and an artistic eye, I like to call these "digital compilations" and I do some of these as well.

I enjoy digital hand painting more than compilations and each have their own unique look and feel. 

I've started a new chapter in my life, one that's true to me and makes me happy again. I'd love for you to join me on this journey, check out my new art & photography website, subscribe to my one minute nature films on YouTube and join me on my Facebook page for a chance to win a painting of your fur or feathered baby.

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