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MYSTERY JEWELRY | Unsolved Mysterious Find In The Woods | Newfoundland Canada

Do YOU have any ideas of what this could be? 

Lost Jeweley

About 15 years ago after clearing our lot, when digging to construct a garden on our wooded lot in Newfoundland, Canada (that was never inhabited - about 6 to 8" down on native soil) we dug this up.

We found it very strange because at that time (and prior to) there was nothing here but forest and nothing ever built or planted here, just native soil. I have no idea how it would have come to be buried in the forest about 100 feet away from any trail, the nearby trail was a very rough hunters foot path. 

We washed it off and hung it on a stump and it's been outside in all weather and has not changed in 15 years (no additional tarnish or peeling). I am unable to find any markings on it, I'm not sure what type of metal it is made from but it is well constructed, quite large and fairly heavy. 

It sort of reminds me of 1980's costume jewelry yet something about it looks older. I did a bit of research and it also resembles some of the Mexican jewelry "Margot de Taxco" in how the pieces connect and the clasp, but they are silver pieces and are stamped. 

Newfoundland forests are very rugged and dense, not the type you can just walk through, the piece is not magnetic, the clasp still works, it's been out in rain, sleet, ice and snow for 15 years and no change, it's too short to be a belt,18" from end to end, seems to large for a dog collar. 

See the details:

4:30 What we know     11:26 Close-up look

More photos:

found treasure

Necklace found buried in the woods

Strange Find

Mystery Find

Strange jewelry

Mystery Jewelry





What do you think it is?  
How do you think it got there?  
I wonder who may have owned it?

Let me know your thoughts!

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