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Rare Vintage 1993 Newfoundland Children's Books - Full Reading

Since I've been taking some time off Canary Tube, 
I've been de-cluttering and digging through some old stuff

I came across these 1993 books written by children and illustrated 
by high school students including myself. 

 It would be so interesting to see where these people are today. 
 I will be doing a full book reading of all 8 books. 
I apologize in advance for for my poor pronunciation of the foreign languages. :)

All My Friends Series 1993
Written & Illustrated by Canadian Children

Avalon Consolidated School Board (Newfoundland, Canada)

Sponsored By:
Multiculturalism and Citizenship Canada
Employment & Immigration Canada

Coordinated By:
Elizabeth Noseworthy

Story Collection:
Donna Mills

Art Direction:
Vessela Brakalova

Sheilagh O'leary

Eldred Barnes, Robert Dawe, Donna Mills, Elizabeth Noseworthy, Elizabeth Strong

Story Writers: Jon Gunnarsson, Daphne Gambilla, Kushan Balasooriya, Elena Garcia, Shihundu & Kadima Osundwa, Diane Gakwandi, Manasi Gadag, Tony Helles

Illustrators: Judie Smith, Lee Olford, Monica Timbal, Jason Burt, Veronica Garcia, Judy Liao, Valin Chen, Terance Pun

I would love to hear from any of the writers or illustrators!  
Feel free to leave a comment below :)

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