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Top 5 Lettuce Varieties To Grow Organic

Easy to grow, show-stopping heirloom lettuce varieties 
that are hardy and pest resistant.

These are my favorite varieties of lettuce that I keep going back to year after year in my Newfoundland garden.  They are great for short seasons, cold climates,are naturally insect resistant, have great flavor and are gorgeous in the garden and on a plate.

Crisp Mint Lettuce

60-65 days. This big, bold, romaine type lettuce stands out in the salad garden not only for its impressive structure, but also for its thick, succulent, crunchy, sweet, minty green leaves. The leaves are uniquely ruffled and attractive with no bitterness.


55 days. An Austrian heirloom lettuce that translates to “speckled like a trout.” Forellenschluss Lettuce is a show stopping romaine with avocado green leaves and deep maroon splashes. Very flavorful and beautiful in any salad.

Paris Island Cos

65 days. This is a classic heirloom romaine. Compact, dark green rosettes of tall, upright leaves and has a crisp, sweet flavor. Slow to bolt. Grows best in full sun, but will tolerate partial shade.

Red Oak Leaf

50 days.  This stunning dark red oakleaf lettuce can be eaten as individual leaves or will form large, dense glossy heads beautiful in salads. This versatile variety has a mild flavor, bold color and is exceptionally insect and mildew resistant.

Yugoslavian Red

55 days.  Yugoslavian Red is a butterhead lettuce that forms large, loose heads of bronze and red tinged leaves. Fast growing and nutritious, the flavor is mild, buttery yet it has lots of crunch!  Great for growing in containers.

I also like to grow my lettuce with the red varieties on the outer perimeter and lighter greens toward the middle, (as seen in the video below).  This acts as an extra insect deterrent as insects are less attracted to the darker varieties of lettuce.

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