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I've reviewed a lot of organic cosmetic brands over the years and Lauren Brooke is the best I've found. Their products contain the best wholesome ingredients that are beneficial for your skin. The prices are great, the packaging in beautiful and their cosmetics work as well as any commercial brand for covering up imperfections and enhancing your natural beauty.

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They have something for everyone from organic skincare, bath products, body glitters, lip colors, the most incredible cream foundation, beautifully pigmented eye shadows and more.  It's really the only place you need to shop for beauty products!

I've been a fan of their products for many years.
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Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Review & Swatches

Lauren Brooke All Natural Organic Cosmetics 

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Lauren Brooke Organic & All Natural Cosmetiques

Review & Swatches

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  1. Hey, it's Maiden from YouTube, from the Zosimos discussion. :) So I checked out LB and it looks great so far (having looked at 20 products, currently going through the site). And the Cream Foundation looks really promising - all good ingredient wise AND they have a big range of shades so I'm hopeful I'll find a match. I think I'm either a Cool 00 or 10. But I'm concerned about the fact that the shades on the full size product page don't match the shades on the sample size page, and there are 4 more shades on the full sized page not offered as samples, it seems. For me, specifically, it looks like Cool 00 from the full sized page is missing, and the shade labeled Cool 00 on the sample page looks like Cool 10 to me (and C10 looks like C20, C20 like C30, etc, like they were all moved up). As I think I mentioned, I'm very pale and very cool toned. Every natural foundation I've tried has been at least 2 shades too dark and usually much too yellow as well. So if I can't actually try a sample of Cool 00 but get C10 instead, I'll be upset since the lightest shade is my best bet. Could you look at the 2 pages side by side and tell me if you see what I described? Should I email them do you think? I really hope they just messed up the images, and the samples match the full sized shades.

    It seems possible that even the coolest, light established shade might not even work; in one if the reviews, someone said that Neutral 00 was actually the lightest shade, noticeably more so than Cool 00. This person is also ultra pale and ultra cool, and she said even C00 was 1.5 shades too dark as well as too yellow for her. I've definitely seen paler skin than my own, but cooler? I literally don't think I've ever seen a light skinned person as cool toned as myself, even in photos. What shade do you use? And if you use concealer, do you use Fair or Light? (Assuming I'd be Fair and don't need to even try Light.)

    Have you tried the Brow Cream/Wax Duo? I've only ever used pressed brow powder, it's over 15yrs old by Clinique, but I haven't used it in years and never used it frequently really. But I was happy with it, it worked to fill in my little bald patch due to a scar and my generally not thick eyebrows (the hairs are quite thick but I have few of them, so one mispluck can leave a bare patch). I stopped dyeing my hair 10yrs ago and it's about 60% white now, with big silver streaks at the front framing my face. As a result, my overall hair colour is much lighter now than my previous medium-dark chestnut brown, which I usually dyed a bit darker. So my old brow powder is way too dark and severe now, and even my natural brows look darker than I'd like (I really hate mismatching brows and hair). So I'm looking for a lighter, medium grey-brown shade. I've never used brow creams but have ordered several samples from various brands. I think I might have to mix some grey mineral eyeshadow powder with the best shade of medium ash brown I can find, as most brands don't make a grey option which is what I really need. But maybe an ashy light brown or even blonde option would work? Which LB brown cream shades do you think I should try? Just Medium Brown or Blonde as well or even Platinum (which looks cooler than blonde to me)? Obviously I could mix loose brown mineral powder with a light brow cream too. Fortunately I have numerous dark browns and TONS of greys/silvers in every shade.

    Also, what do you think of the LB Cream Eyeshadows? How easy are they to apply, blend etc? I've never used them. But I have such dry skin it seems like a good idea. Can you use them as eyeliners? How about as highlighters?

    Sorry for the novel, any help greatly appreciated and THANK YOU again for introducing me to LB!

    Maiden :)

    1. I think the photos on their site may have been taken in different lighting.

      I show all the light shades in this video:

      But it's best to get the samples first to try them on your skin. Also, when I initially purchased the wrong shade, I simply added a little non-nano zinc oxide powder to lighten it.

      I've never done anything with my brows so I don't know much about brow products unfortunately.

      I'm in love with their cream eye shadows, I have dry skin but hooded and slightly oily (or perhaps sweaty lol) lids, so powders just make hooded lids look wrinkly and creams generally get greasy and crease.

      Theirs is more silky, goes on like a cream but dries silky. Most have mica which I love on young people and wish I could wear, but matte shades are best in my 40's. Funny, because the mica ones I use on my lips and cheekbones, so yes, they are very multi-use.

      So glad you're enjoying LB, I hope you like their products as much as I do. :)


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