What I Eat In A Day To Control My IBS

IBS-D symptoms are literally the shits! 
 My elimination diet and what I'm eating to control chronic diarrhea.

Nine months of cramping, loud gurgling noises, squeaking, bubbling, pain, and chronic diarrhea had left me depressed, skinny, weak and sick & tired of trying every diet known to man.  I decided to do an elimination of all foods and listen to my own body and re-introduce one food at a time every few days.  If an introduction of a new food caused problems, then I  waited for the problem to clear before adding a new food.

Finally after a year, I'm regular again and gaining strength & weight.

Here's what has worked for me.  I by no means suggest that this will work for you, what I am suggesting is to carefully listen to your own body and eat what works for you.

Right now here's my diet:

Everything organic.
Only drink hot or room temperature water and try to drink 8 glasses a day.
Lots of fiber in the form of ground flax seeds (goal is 6 tablespoons daily)
Low fat (Only olive oil)
Pastured eggs
Sheep/goat feta
Black beans
Buckwheat pasta
Sunflower seeds
Small amounts of basmati rice
Rice baby cereal
Small amounts of cocoa powder
White wine vinegar
Small amounts of lettuce & tomato raw
Fresh herbs
Cooked carrots
Small amounts of cooked spinach
Small amounts of cooked celery (In soup)

No: apples, pears, plums, peaches, melons, squash, cucumber, wheat, red meats... 

With chronic diarrhea comes some other painful issues, I will have a very personal video in the near future on how I'm dealing naturally with the unearthly pain of anal fissures and rectal ulcerations.

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  1. Have you researched salicylate sensitivity?

    1. I have, I'm pretty sure I'm not as many of the foods high in salicylate are okay for me. I've always had a problem with aspirin mind you, but I react to most pharmaceuticals. It's a good point for people to pay attention to those types of sensitivities such as salicylate, fructose, oxalates and the like.

  2. I've read good things about L-Glutamine for healing the gut.

    1. Yes it's a very useful supplement for many gut issues :)

  3. You could be having a problem with lectins, for example the quinoa in your diet is toxic with lectins. Quinoa should be pressure cooked to remove lectins. See " The Plant Paradox:
    The Hidden Danger in 'Healthy' foods that cause disease and weight gain" by Dr. Steven Gundry. I finally am doing better with my autoimmune disease, by following this diet and using the recipes in "The Healing Kitchen" by Alaena Haber and Sarah Ballantyne. Their cookbook is paleo using meat, seafood, vegetables (except nightshades) and fruit only. Dr. Gundry has recipes in his book too, which I find many to be too restrictive for my taste, so I use both books. Hope this helps.

    1. I'm aware of lectins as well, I never ate quinoa very often in the past, it's actually one of my least favorite grains but after I had already became ill, quinoa was tolerated very well. I have read so many books, pub med studies, articles and opinions and I really believe that the only way to treat these conditions is to work very closely with your own body and pay attention to any small negative changes. No one diet fits everyone that's for sure. :)


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