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Make Your Own Rust Converter 🚗 All Natural & Food Grade

Beat rust with one simple ingredient 
you probably have in your kitchen!

Tannic acid reacts with iron oxide (rust) and chemically converts it to iron tannate which is a dark-colored stable material. Tannins are extracted from plants such a fruits and tea leaves. 

I did some research on what natural products are highest in tannins and a product that would dry slowly in order for it to stay active and convert the rust. A rust converter mixes chemically with rust to create a black inert substance that can be painted over and prevent further corrosion. 

Some rust converters contain additional acids to speed up the chemical reaction by lowering the pH of the solution. Since balsamic vinegar already has a PH of about 3 and is high in tannins (349 mg/kg) and can be reduced to a sticky substance, this was the ingredient that made the most sense to me. 

This is my simple food grade solution and it works!

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