Green My Ride | Suzuki X-90 | NEW Series!

Stay tuned on Wednesdays for
Green my ride.

A fun little series as I "green" my 1997 Suzuki X-90 :)

Here's the cheesy throwback style trailer, 
a fun little spin-off of pimp my ride :D 
(Fitting for a 20 year old car LOL)

Topics Will Include
Finding A "Green" Vehicle
Natural Auto Detailing And Detoxification
Environmentally Friendly Choices For Your Car
And More...

If you are a company offering green, healthier, all natural and/or environmentally friendly automotive products and would like to be a sponsor or have your products featured in this fun series with rare and unique 1997 Suzuki-X90, feel free to drop me a line, 
I would love to work with you!

Here are a few photos of the little stinker:

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