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Gorgeous Metal-Free Rings 💍 Waltz Of The Winds My Secret Wood

Looking for metal-free jewelry? 
 Or something just magical & unique? 
 These gorgeous mystical wooden rings are made in Canada 
and no two are exactly alike!

Check them out at 

Secret Wood specializes in hand crafted rings that have been 
designed and made in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

Their uniquely crafted rings encapsulate tiny secret and mystical worlds.

They come beautifully packaged in a tiny wooden moss filled box.

Waltz of the Winds!

"Almost imperceptible yet inescapable. 
The world and the wind waltz round us like lively lovers in whirly wonderland.
This ring is made of light blue and white resin. 
The base is sapele wood, a strong tree native to tropical Africa."

More about My Secret Wood:

All of their rings are handmade by Secret Wood craftsmen. 
Each ring is unique and different from one another. 
Their rings take approximately 5-6 weeks in production. 
They'll even send you a picture of your ring before they ship it to ensure you are 
100% in love with your choice! 
And they ship worldwide to all countries.

Every ring is unique and one of a kind and showcase an enchanting secret world.

Be sure to visit them at:

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