My Favorite Organic Cosmetics

Organic Holiday Junk Food 🎄 Green Gift Giving

Great stocking stuffers and special 
holiday junk food treats. 
 These are my top 10 favorite organic junk food
snacks for the holidays :)

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Just use promo code: Canary 

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Lukes Organic Potato Chips (
Kettle Organic Potato Chips (Vitacost)
Blue Corn Chips (any grocer)
Organic Salsa (Fresh raw is best:))
Neal Brothers Cheese Puffs (Most Grocers)
Camino Milk & Sea Salt Bar (
OCHO Chocolates (Vitacost)
Woodstock Farms Organic Kosher Dills (Vitacost)
Nicks Sticks (Vitacost)
Viana Vegan Sausage Snack (Vitacost)

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