My Favorite Organic Cosmetics

Lauren Brooke All Natural Organic Cosmetics 🎄 Green Gift Giving

Is my all time favorite organic makeup brand (And I've tried a lot of brands). 
 They have incredible ingredients that you can trust, they are affordable, all natural, have lots of product & color choices, and most importantly they don't just cover your skin, 
they are loaded with premium beneficial organic ingredients!

Today I'll be sharing with you some of their 

As well as their gorgeous lip liner, 
6 foundation shades. 3 creme eye shadow shades, 
several lip colors and some of their awesome skincare!
If you would like to see more swatches,

Out of all the natural & organic makeup companies I've tried, 
Lauren Brooke has the most complete line of cosmetics with ingredients you can trust
in every single product.

They have beautiful packaging, deeply pigmented products that work!  
Everything from the most incredible foundation, that acts like a full coverage BB cream...
Actually it's should be called the A+Cream :) 
Since it's everything you need in one face cream!
From bold to neutral & matte to shimmer make-up colors for face, eyes, lips & cheeks, they have a full line of organic skin & body care, body glitters, botanical organic perfume and beauty tools 
all in one place!

Creme Foundation
Cool00 Neutral00 Warm00
Cool20 Neutral20 Warm20

My Perfect Shade 

Botanical Lip Gloss in Buff
Warm Light

Day Light

Lip color Frappe
Warm Light

Day Light

Lip color Rose Des Champs
Warm Light

Day Light

Lip color Peluche
Warm Light

Day Light

All Swatches
From Left to Right
Creme eye shadow: Dahlia, Wisteria, Plum Fairy
Lip color Frappe, Peluche, Rose Des Champs
Botanical Lip Gloss - Buff

Black Friday Sale 2016 
Code: BlackFri2016

All natural, organic, beneficial, beautiful, economical...
And Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques is also Certified Cruelty-Free!

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