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20 Simple Soups & Stews | Recipe Roundup

Fall is in the air 
And there's nothing better than coming home from a 
hike or a long day picking berries to a nice hearty pot of sop or stew. 
 It's a healthy meal that's economical, 
easy to make and who doesn't love a good soup or stew!

Check out this roundup of all my favorite soup & stew recipes :)

This is a spicy twist on chicken chowder that makes a great
warm, hearty & spicy winter meal!

A creamy stew that's easy to make
with a fresh dill flavor.

This easy organic broccoli mushroom soup will warm you up on a fall day 
and is very quick to make! 
And is gluten-free & vegan

Look at the colors!
This is a hearty, healthy & easy fall meal that will satisfy 
anyone and is suitable for vegans.

This has to be one of the most inexpensive 
thick & hearty stews!

Here is another very simple and quick recipe
which can help you stretch your grocery dollars.

Don't like liver? Give this a try!

Delicious & creamy and dairy-free, gluten-free too!

Simple & hearty stew made with ground chicken.

Simple to make spicy soup best served with 
fresh organic garlic bread.

These simple dumplings in a curry broccoli sauce 
make a delightful hearty meal.

Now for a paleo grain-less chicken noodle soup 
that's absolutely amazing!

This simple hardy and delicious soup 
is a great way to use up leftover mashed potatoes.

A quick soup that will warm you after a 
cool day in the garden.

A quick & simple Vegetable soup recipe 
that's perfect for freezing!

A quick, easy & economical vegan soup recipe. 
It's delicious & freezes well too :)

A light quick & easy veggie soup can be tailored to anyone's diet. 
Paleo or vegan & gluten-free, this delicious warming soup 
will help you ward off colds & flu.

This curried red lentil soup is so simple, 
it takes less time than takeout and will warm you up 
with organic goodness on a cool fall day.

Simple recipe for a creamy winter squash soup 
(Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan)

Another simple oven roasted hearty stew

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