Rustic Flower & Herb Lollipop Recipe | No Corn Syrup

Simple, rustic, all organic & no corn syrup. 

All natural organic lollipops are easy to make, great for kids, 
wonderful for sweetening tea and makes a great gift!

Fun & easy to make!

Fun for kids!

Rose & Sugar

Borage flower & Fennel

Lingonberry & Lemon Thyme

Thyme & Fennel

Use as a stir to sweeten your tea!

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  1. I'm making these for the kids today so they have something without food coloring and corn syrup for Halloween. They are cooling now and look great. The kids are SO excited! They never get lollipops since they are allergic to food coloring. This is a great, healthy alternative!

  2. How wonderful! I know they'll love them...Homemade by Mom :) <3 Happy Halloween to all of you!


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