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Free Art | A Visit To My Favorite Gallery | FIY

Find It Yourself
Why buy it when you can find it?

Nature created this beautiful intricate piece of art, 
I take credit only for finding it and appreciating it's beauty.  
This art inspired me to write my first poem & 
I hope it inspires you to FIY before you buy ;)

Sharing my first poem with you inspired by 
a visit to my favorite art gallery, 
where all the art is free!

~ Nature's Art ~

The ocean, nature's great artist
The beach, an ever-changing gallery of her art

Her powerful waves rolling, 
swirling, crashing

Creating glistening gemstones 
from lowly rocks and broken shards of glass
crafted wood carvings, smoothly sanded, 
once nothing but scrap,
iridescent shells, gifts 
from the creatures that lie within

Textures, perception, aroma
All enlighten the senses
See her art, hear it, 
breathe it, feel it

We don't have to be creating 
to be creative, 
we simply need the ability to 
observe and appreciate the 
beautiful creations around us.

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