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DIY Make Your Own Vinegar Step 2 | Recipe

FREE food! 
Apple peels & cores or those little wild apples you can find 
in abundance do not need to go to waste! 
 It's easy & free to make your own vinegar at home :)

Last week we did 
Of the apple scrap vinegar

Now for step 2:

A quick summary: Half fill a jar with apples, top it up with filtered water.

Batch 1 was just apple chunks, 
Batch 2 I plopped it in the blender and blended the apples & water.) 
Added 1tbs per liter of "mother" from my previous vinegar (you can use a good live store vinegar, boats organic is excellent) OR you can add organic cane sugar instead 1 tablespoon per liter.  

Weigh down the apple scraps with another jar or for pureed apples as in batch 2, 
cover the jar with a paper towel or cheesecloth. 

10 days later (Today)

At 10 days I checked to see if significant bubbles are forming, and decided to strain it. Once strained, it will go back in the jars to ferment for about 3 weeks, 
gently stir with a wooden spoon every 4 days or so, once a nice mother has formed it 
will be ready to bottle in smaller jars.

Isn't it wonderful! :)

Click here for Step 3 
(Final step)

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