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Organic Ozonated Oxygen Therapeutic Oils | Friday Finds

Could this be the next must-have remedy 
in everyone's medicine chest? 
From acne to eczema, fine lines & wrinkles, bug bites and abrasions and even treating teeth to avoid root canals, ozonated oil is said to have many healing and therapeutic benefits 
and we have 2 great lines to try out over the summer. 
 Wait until you see the great results hubby has already had with this oil.

The first brand of ozonated oil sent to me to try is the 

They have a complete line of fully saturated ozonated oils which are in a thick balm-like form.
You can definitely smell the oxygen in the oils.  The minute you open the jar you'll notice a strong fresh air scent, exactly like what you smell in a thunderstorm.  
This is from the oxygen and nothing else.

They have a full line of oils for different therapeutic needs, both in unscented as well as ones with beneficial organic essential oils.

The four products they sent to me for review are:

and both are sweetened with organic stevia.

PurO3 Tooth & Gum Support is made from only fully ozonated organic olive oil, ozonated hemp oil, organic peppermint oil and organic Stevia (we also have Tooth & Gum Support without Stevia, Cherry and Stevia, and Unflavored). No harmful chemicals, preservatives or fluoride.

This oil is helpful for soothing minor skin irritations, redness, bug bites, the appearance of blemishes, age spots and more. 

Which is said to be helpful for skin irritations, dry skin, blemishes, age spots, fine line & wrinkles.

All of PurO3 oils are saturated with activated oxygen (ozone) to form soothing, 
oxygen-rich skin and oral salves.

The second brand sent to me to try is the 
liquid spray ozonated oils

I was sent three of the oils, olive, hemp & coconut.

Natalia of the Ozone Factory has a lovely story of how she came about providing these oils to North Americans since she loved and used them in Europe.  Her father is a doctor who uses ozone therapy in his practice to help treat patients naturally.

The Ozone Factory oils seem lighter and have a more gentle smell of ozone, 
I find it more tolerable around my face.

Here are the oils I will be trying:

Is made by bubbling a pure, highly concentrated ozone into organic coconut oil. It's said that this oil provides skin therapy, heals cellulite,is anti acne, anti wrinkle and healing wounds that would otherwise not heal.  It also kills bacteria, fungus, and other pathogens helping to sterilize wounds and stimulate the healing process.

She also sent 

Ozonate help oil has many of the same properties as the coconut oil with is own unique properties special to hemp.  Which includes Vitamins D and E, can work as a natural sunblock and has anti-inflammatory properties many other oils don't have. In cosmetics it is used for blotches and skin lesions from dry skin and it doesn't clog the pores.

When hemp oil is infused with ozone (activated oxygen), it has a gel-like consistency that is water-resistant and very strong.

Ans the other oil I will be trying is the

One of the original ozonated oils, ozonated olive oil is useful as a skin moisturizer, it penetrates the skin to provide moisture that helps keep skin supple and smooth. It's naturally antibacterial and can help combat itchy, dry skin on the face body, hands & cuticle.  It is also said to help relieve inflamed, itchy skin from too much cold weather, psoriasis or eczema.

See the great results on our first test:

Read more about Ozonated Oil for oral & dental health:

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