My Favorite Organic Cosmetics

100% Pure Tahiti Copycat Scent | DIY | Fragrance-free Tahiti Perfume

100% Organic, 100% Edible, No "Fragrances"! 
This perfume is completely made from food!

Years ago, I purchased several 100% Pure brand skincare & cosmetics products,
that was before they started using inferior and non-organic ingredients.

 My favorite line was their Tahiti body care. 
 This has been discontinued and I was trying to perfect the same scent 
with completely organic ingredients. 
 I did it! Yea! 

 With only 3 simple ingredients, this is the copycat scent of the discontinued 100% Pure Tahiti line...Stay tuned for the Tahiti Body Wash & Sugar Scrub recipes in my upcoming videos :)

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