DIY Organic Hibiscus Lip & Cheek Stain | Lasts All Day!

An all natural easy lip & cheek stain 
that lasts all day!
Completely organic & food grade!

Only 3 Ingredients :)


  1. Looks wonderful. May try with berries instead of hibiscus.

  2. How does it look on lips? Many things I've seen don't color lips well.

    1. It's a fairly deep color, it really depends on your skin tone and lips.

  3. Can you taste the ACV? I wouldn't want to taste ACV on my lips.

    1. The vanilla offsets it pretty well :)

    2. Thanks. :) I think I will try it with other extracts as well. I don't have hibiscus powder. Would something like beet juice work instead of the water?

    3. You'll just have to play around with what you have on hand, make small batches and see what works :) Beet is nowhere near as vibrant as hibiscus. The acid of the vinegar reacts with hibiscus and deepens the color, this doesn't happen with beet.

    4. Can i use root beet powder and add vit. E? Or rosemary essential oil? How long is the shelf life?

  4. It doesnt have any side effect if we swallow right. I am addicted to lip stains and lipsticks. My addiction is getting worse lol. I have to wear something on mmy lips even whem i am indoor. Like 24 hours. So lipsticks are not a good option. I am planning to make some natural stuffs so i dont get any sideeffects. So please reply. And really really thankyou for the video. I never knew about this before. ❤

    1. Most of my cosmetic recipes are made with only edible ingredients. Everything in this is food grade.

  5. Do I have to store it in the fridge or its OK if it was in the room for months

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