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Bella Organics Skincare Haul | Friday Finds

If you like Pina Coladas...
You'll love Bella Organics!

Okay, so they have so many more wonderful skincare products but as I sit here typing up this blog I'm having a much needed tropical escape from the long cold icy winter with the scent of Bella Organic's Pina Colada Body Butter...Tropical & heavenly!

So lets get to the haul :)

If you want a truly organic line of fresh organic skincare with juicy fresh flavors you need to check out Bella Organics!

Bella Organics Body Butter

I'll start with my favorite, now I've tried a lot of different organic body butters and I have to say, this is my new favorite!  Soft & creamy whipped & rich and beautifully scented with organic pina colada flavoring...My dry skin and my olfactory system are in heaven!

Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Macadamia Oil, Organic Arrowroot Powder, Organic Pina Colada Flavor Oil. $16.95

Deodorant Creme 

Next I tried their wonderful Deodorant Creme in Orange Spice, a warm citrus scent with the antibacterial properties of clove and a light scent of spicy citrus, this deodorant is wonderful for all ages and genders!

Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter, Organic Arrowroot Powder, (Vegan), Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Aluminum-Free Baking Soda, Organic Orange EO, Organic Cinnamon Extract, Organic Cloves. $10.25

Anti Aging Facial Serum

I absolutely love organic skin serums, especially with our harsh winters and the drying effects it has on the skin.  The Bella Organic Anti Aging Facial Serum has all of my favorite nourishing oils in one!
A wonderful fast absorbing serum to help with the winter skin woes :)

Ingredients: Organic Rosehip Seed Oil, Organic Argan Oil, Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil, Organic Apricot Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Organic Carrot Seed Essential Oil (All ingredients are Certified Organic) $36.95

 Jasmine & Honey Face Cream

Another one of my new favorites is their luxurious Jasmine & Honey Face Cream.  A rich moisturizing cream with a light floral scent of fresh jasmine flowers that's packed with the finest organic skin healthy oils & ingredients.

Ingredients: Shea Butter*, Jojoba*, Coconut Oil*, Moroccan Argan Oil*, Evening Primrose Oil, Honey*, Jasmine Extract*, Vitamin E, Silk *Certified Organic. $34.00
And lastly, who doesn't love lip balms!  And Bella Organics have lots of great organic flavors to choose from.  Both sweetened with organic stevia and unsweetened, these lip balms have staying power!  And of course, my favorite is...Pina Colada :)

Check out my haul video to see all the products:

For a great line of skincare products, with very reasonable prices &fresh organic ingredients
check out:

Learn more about the line:

"Bella Organics was founded in 2012 in response to a growing concern for the severe lack of all-natural and organic skincare products available. Our mission statement is simple: We believe that we should take care of our bodies, and in turn, our bodies will take care of us. That’s why Bella Organics products will never contain water, emulsifiers, or any of the toxic or unnatural ingredients that are found today in most mass-market products. We use only the best plant-based essential oils and extracts—each one specifically selected based on their unique botanical properties and their effect on skin. Our skin is our largest organ, and the one most affected by outside environmental influences and aging, so we should do everything we can to protect it—naturally!"

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