My Favorite Organic Cosmetics

Organic Beauty Freebies! Thrifty Thursday!

Until the end of December they are giving 
in every order over $20!

Free Gift Sets include one of their
New Luminous Face Highlighter shades, 
plus a color-coordinated Lip Colour!

Get your organic glam on for the New Year!

My recommendations for a new year filled with new & healthy cosmetics Get a full face (7 products) 
& free shipping for only $73.50!

FREE Shipping
FREE Luminous Face Highlighter
FREE color-coordinated Lip Colour

I highly recomend the creme foundation!
A little goes a very long way 24 grams for only $27.00
Creme Eye shadow goes on silky smooth! $9.00
Eye liner pencil $13.50
Lip Liner Pencil $13.50
Lipstick $10.50 Also works great as a cheek tint!

Check it out at:

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