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Safe & Stylish In The Sun | Summer Deals

Safe & Stylish In The Sun

Summer is when we feel alive, the warmth of the sun adds an amazing glow to the skin and some much needed vitamin D.  Getting enough sun is important for our health, beyond vitamin D, the suns rays enhances our mood through the release of endorphins, prevents many diseases and can actually help protect against melanoma.  But too much sun can have a negative effect.  You need to be careful not to get burned, especially if you have fair skin.  Slathering on common sunscreen is not the answer, many of them actually contain ingredients more harmful than the sun's rays and even have ingredients which cause cancer.

Get to know your skin and how much time you can safely spend in the sun without burning.  
Expose yourself to as much sun as you safely can but be sure to never burn.

What to wear:

Linen clothing is a must-have for safety, stylishness and summer comfort. Linen is cooling and breezy and actually has many health benefits. Linen is also very durable, known to last 20 years or more, so investing in a few good summer linen outfits will pay off in the long run. Linen is a natural fiber and often organically grown and made from the flax plant, it's stain, moth, and abrasion resistant, it naturally resists mold due to it's breath-ability. Linen is very pleasing to the skin and is hypoallergenic, thermo-regulating; warm in winter, cool in summer, naturally antibacterial, anti-static and environmentally friendly.

A great linen dress paired with a little jacket or a pant suit along with a nice floppy hat, some beautiful accessories including UVA & UVB resistant sunglasses and a ultra-comfortable pair of Naot sandals makes for a fantastic breezy summer look while keeping your skin cool and covered.

If you keep an eye out for flash sales on sites such as Zulily, Beyond The Rack and Hautelook, you may just get some great deals on linen clothing. Zulily has the ability to search their store and is showing 788 results for "linen" including these linen dresses starting at only $39.00.  You'll also find hats, glasses, jackets and accessories all for reasonable prices on these sites.

If you are unable to completely cover up when spending lots of time in the sun, then a safe organic sunscreen is in order.

My choice for safe sunscreen is ones which contain the highest amount of beneficial and organic ingredients and those which use non-nano zinc oxide as the active ingredient.

Badger has a full line of safe skincare including sunscreen for the whole family and after-sun skin care products. carries the full line of Badger products and offer free shipping in both the US and Canada.  They have a sale on right now with up to 30% off!

My picks for summer must haves would be:


$17.59 (SPF 35 Also available in Badger Sport)

Keep safe, stylish and have fun in the sun!

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