DIY The Best Mosquito Repellent Spray | Organic & Safe!

This Really Works!!! 
Only 2 simple ingredients and no essential oils needed! 
Very simple and easy bug spray is good for all skin types and alters the ph of your skin so that it's less attractive to biting insects!  Even helps you tan.


  1. Love this recipe for bug spray. Looks like it will work great and I am going to try that one for my family. We hate the bugs outdoors, too, and anything that will help. Don't like to use the cans of spray from stores!

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  3. I like that, very simple and natural. I wonder about whether changing the pH of your skin is necessarily a good thing, but to be honest if it works I would much rather add vinegar to my skin than say DEET and other synthetic pesticides and products.

  4. Actually, it changes it by regulating it. Sweat, sunburn, certain diets, soaps, lotions....all throw the skin's PH out of balance, Vinegar adjusts that. That's why it works to turn a sunburn golden brown rather than hot and red. :)


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