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100% Linen Fashion Flash Sale!

Linen is a healthy breathable, long lasting 
and eco friendly material.  
Wearing linen clothing can actually improve your health.
Check out these gorgeous summer styles in 100% linen.
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Benefits Of Linen

Natural Fiber and often organically grown: made from the flax plant
Durable - The fabric has been known to last 20 years or longer
Stain, moth, and abrasion resistant
Naturally resists mold due to it's breathability
Thermo-regulating: warm in winter, cool in summer
Naturally antibacterial
Does not shrink or stretch and keeps it's crispness
Environmentally Friendly: Flax is a renewable resource and the linen produced from it is fully biodegradable.

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100% Linen On Sale Now at Zulily!
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