Whats In My Fridge | And Freezers & Pantry Too

It started out to be a quick little video, 
then I decided to show you all of our food :). 
 This is what we have in the wintertime. 
 We eat much more produce in summer when it's available and when the garden is full.
Special guest appearance from Combie :)


  1. Love your video!! It was great to see all your food and how well organized you are! I can't find things I stock up on. I am not organized and want to be so badly. Great job and love Combie!!

  2. Thank you :) And I thought everything was still a mess...haha. Our stock is getting a little low, I usually order in with a group of people from a wholesaler once every few years for dry and canned goods. <3 from Combie :)


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