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PACT Organic Thigh-High & Knee High Socks Review

Socks to knock everyone else's socks off!
Good Design, Good Fabric, Good Cause, Good Stories

Who doesn't love a great pair of socks?  
Such a simple garment can make you feel warm, cozy, comfortable, fashionable and sexy.

I had the fantastic opportunity of trying out 3 pairs of fabulous socks from PACT
2 knee highs and a sky-high thigh-high - Woohoo!

Check out the awesomeness!

The first are my absolute favorite.  
Actually these are now the most favorited socks in my wardrobe.

Slouched, knee-high or thigh-high, they are cozy, comfy, soft and sexy!  
There's lots of room for those with wider calves and thighs and they are only $14.00

Next are the Women's 
These too are super-soft, have lots of room, the design is gorgeous 
and they are just $12.00 a pair.

And the third pair I tried are the

These best-sellers are super-cute and sexy socks!  
While not my favorite, I'd still be more than happy to take a pair in every color :)
I did find them a little snug on my 13" calf, so if you have bigger calves, you may prefer to wear these babies slouched.

The biggest problem I found with trying these socks, 
is I now want a pair in every style and color...Sock greed!
I can ease my conscious because every pair purchased goes to support great causes. :D

Just look at some of the gorgeous designs!
And Prices as low as $4.80 for organic Knee socks.

Unmentionables worth mentioning
Sweatshop-free, ethically manufactured, and super-stylish to boot.  PACT delivers a line of undergarments you'll want to show off!  Men's and ladies underwear, leggings, long john's, tee's and incredible socks at reasonable prices and your purchases help support people and our planet!

More PACT apparel on my wish list:

Make a PACT to change your socks and underwear before the New Year! 
Boy am I whitty today ~teehee

Change Starts With Your Underwear

PACT is obsessed with a big idea: super soft organic cotton that makes the world a better place. Socks with soul, altruistic underwear and other everyday essentials ethically manufactured with fabrics that feel good and go easy on the environment. Sounds good? Oh it is.

In fact, co-founder Jeff Denby created PACT to turn bad into good. After spending years working in the international manufacturing business with its questionable working conditions and environmental policies, Jeff decided it was time for a change. And change starts with your underwear. So at PACT our manufacturing process is designed to be good from seed to shelf. We care about our clothes so much we pretty much follow them wherever they go so customers can not only feel good in PACT but also feel good about where PACT came from.

PACT is good design for good people.

For a last minute gift idea. 
Giving a PACT giftcard is always cool. Plus, with every purchase this season you're helping fund entrepreneurs in low-income communities around the world!

Check them out:

Twitter  @wearpact

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