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Finest Quality Organic Gelatin products!

15% off Organic Gelatin
Vegetable Soup Mix, Bouillon Cubes,
Pudding and Gummies

Organic Gelatin Sheets
6 Sheets
was $2.30 now $1.96
Case of 20x6 Sheets
was $43.50 now $36.98

 Organic Vegetable Soup Mix
(Now Kosher certified)
Unique mix!  
Great for the pantry or emergencies!

2lb Bag
was $54.90 now $46.67

Organic No Salt Added Chicken Bouillon Cubes
6 Cubes
was $4.50 now $3.83
Case of 90 Cubes
was $65.49 now $55.67

Organic Berry Pudding
1.7oz Pouch
was $2.80 now $2.38
Case of 12x1.7oz Pouches
was $27.00 now $22.95

Organic Fruit Juice Gummi Bears
1.8oz Bag
was $2.75 now $2.34
Case of 15x1.8oz Bags
was $37.20 now $31.62

Buy these as well as other organic gelatin products including organic gelatin powder, organic flavored jelly and organic custard powder for all your holiday desserts at:

*Free Shipping on all orders over $85.00. 
Valid for orders shipped within Canada and USA.

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