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Dreaming? Jeans to fit EVERY Body DO exist! | No Stretch 100% Cotton Custom Jeans

Perfect fitting non-stretch (100% cotton) or even stretch jeans 
that won't break the bank? 
Is this for real?

It is for real!

I despise stretch denim. It clings to all the wrong places, stretches out by midday and sags in the waist, and even 1% spandex is itchy, sticky and not as breathable as the good old 100% cotton denim.

So over the years, any time I came across reasonably priced 100% cotton denim jeans, I bought them!  I refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for jeans. That's just crazy.

But over the years I just built up a stack of ugly and ill-fitting denim.
And spent more time altering jeans than wearing them.

Take a look:

Finding flattering jeans can be a nightmare!

To long, to baggy, mom jeans, waist to high, waist too low, waist too big, funny butt pockets, butt cleavage, PUMA jeans...Ugh so frustrating!

Boys jeans tend to be oh-so comfy and easy to find in 100% real cotton denim, but not so flattering.

Being only 5'3, with a 29.5" inseam, pretty much ever pair of jeans would have to be hemmed.  Having a tiny waist and larger behind means almost every pair needed the waist taken in to avoid the dreaded crack slip.  With all the alterations, I was left with bulky and bunchy jeans that are uncomfortable - Argh!

I was determined to find the perfect fitting pair of jeans. And I wanted real denim, 100% cotton denim with no stretch. 100% cotton denim does tend to be stiff at first but don't you remember how comfy jeans were in the past?  Real denim "moulds" to your body over time and takes on your shape.

So I started looking...Everywhere! And I did find a few designer brands which looked attractive and were purely cotton, still none with my inseam and some of the prices were just insane!  Some even over $300!  And I would still need to get them hemmed.

While looking for jeans for my body type I was also keeping an eye out for my mother, who has the complete opposite body shape than me with a less defined waist, and wider flatter behind.  Impossible! There's no way to find a great pair of cotton denims to fit every body type.

Then I found

Okay, I have had things custom made before, only to be disappointed.  A custom sweatshirt I had made once arrived with fabric that didn't match the description, very poorly sewn with raveling ends and loose thread and it was so thin it was more like a t-shirt.

So needless to say, I was reluctant to order custom jeans on-line, until I noticed the price. 
And the global shipping rate was great too. 

By buying directly through the manufacturer, you save a bundle and the workers get a fair wage!

Okay, so I was willing to take the chance.  Their website is very user friendly with lots of denim choices both 100% cotton (They tell me they have organically grown denim too!) and they even have stretch denim for those who do like clingy jeans...Something I'll never understand :).

 After you select your fabric, the site takes you through so many details from pocket styles, waist styles, belt loop styles, leg shape and more.  Then you move on to measurements. Several measurements are to be accurately taken, you can choose to take your body measurements, or measurements from a garment. To get an exact match, they can even clone an old pair of jeans if you choose to mail them your old jeans.

I decided to contact them, their communication is great!  They did not have the pocket styles I wanted shown on their website.  I emailed photos and measurements for the waist, pockets and butt from a pair of shorts I love and gave them the leg measurements from pants that fit.

They emailed back with a few confirmations and started in on crafting my jeans.  In all honesty, I didn't have great expectations.

About 20 days after the order was placed I was sent the shipping confirmation, my custom jeans were on their way from Mumbai, complete with a tracking number, and arrived to my door 5 days later!

I was floored! 
The quality of the denim and stitching of my tailor made jeans were phenomenal!  As good or better than any designer jeans. Hey they ARE designer jeans, designed by ME :) 

There were no loose threads, and even the pocket linings were sewn in very nicely.  They didn't have any harsh scent of fabric softener or dye which is fantastic for those of us with allergies and sensitivities. 

They did fit snugly on first try, as all 100% Cotton jeans need to be broke in. And they really do break in perfectly. I just tossed them in the washer with a little Dr. Bronner's liquid soap and a cup of baking soda, then after the wash, put them on damp and let them dry on my body, (I actually went for a walk) this way the jeans take on your body shape perfectly.

At this price and with the surprising quality, I don't know why anyone would hassle with store-bought jeans ever again.  Because they are custom jeans, they do take a little longer to make it to your door but well worth the wait!

Now's a great time to do some pre-Christmas shopping and order your custom jeans from
Use code: CANARY for 10% OFF!

I can't say enough great things about these jeans! sent me a custom pair of jeans for review, I was under no obligation to give a positive review.  I highly recommend this company due to their customer service, great communication, fantastic price and high quality jeans.

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