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Organic Sloppy Joe Recipe | Junk Food Remake | Can Be Vegan

Love Sloppy Joe's? 
This junk food remake shows you how to make an all organic 
Sloppy Joe on a soft steamed sprouted bun!

Serves 2:

2 Sprouted Ezekiel Buns
1/4lb of pastured meat or 1/2lb organic mushrooms (ground)
1/4 Cup organic minced onion
1/4 Cup organic minced red pepper
3-4tbs organic ketchup
2 tsp organic mustard
4-5 tsp organic salsa
1tbs organic seasoning 
(everything Spice recipe linked in video)
1 tsp organic sweetener 
Honey, maple syrup or brown sugar)
Celtic salt & Pepper to taste

Sauces & spices available through: & Mountain Rose Herbs

See video for instructions.


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