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Great Sales On Organic Coconut Oil & Einkorn Flour

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Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil
Certified Organic
1 Quart (32 FL. oz.) glass jar
Retail: $40.00
Now! - $29.50

Glass Jar

Certified Organic
1 gallon (128 FL. oz.)
Retail: $120.00
Now! - $75.00

High quality food-grade
HDPE plastic container

1 gallon Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil (128 FL. oz.)
Retail: $120.00
1 gallon Organic Expeller-Pressed Coconut Oil(128 FL. oz.)
Retail: $70.00
Total: $190.00
Now: $116.00
High quality food-grade 
HDPE plastic container

Organic Einkorn Grain Berries

Einkorn is an ancient grain, and is perhaps the oldest variety of "wheat." Einkorn can sometimes be referred to as "farro" or "farro einkorn." Einkorn was first cultivated 5,000 to 10,000 years ago and is classified as a "diploid" because it only has two sets of chromosomes. Modern wheat varieties are typically classified as "hexaploid," having six sets of chromosomes, due to a long history of hybridization. Einkorn is thought to have originated in the upper area of the fertile crescent of the Near East (Tigris-Euphrates regions), and is quite probably the main grain recorded in the earliest biblical history. Einkorn became widely distributed throughout the Near East, Transcaucasia, the Mediterranean region, southwestern Europe, and the Balkans, and was one of the first cereals cultivated for food. Read More.

5 lbs.
Retail: $20.00
Now: $16.99

Organic Whole Grain Einkorn Flour

Tropical Traditions einkorn is grown on family farms in Washington State. Tropical Traditions Organic Whole Grain Einkorn Flour is the whole ground up einkorn grain, retaining all the nutrients.

5 lbs.
Retail: $25.00

Now: $18.99

Organic Refined Einkorn Flour

Jovial einkorn is grown by small family farmers in Italy. Jovial einkorn flour is high-extraction flour at 80%, which means most of the germ and bran have been removed for lighter flour that stays fresh for longer.

2 lbs.
Retail: $7.99

Now: $5.75


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