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Naot Nicky Sandals Shoe Review | Finding The Most Comfortable Ethical Shoes

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Women's Comfort Leather Sandals

Categories: Comfort/Fashion, Comfort/Walking

I have never before experienced such consistent quality in any brand of shoe before. To have a brand where two different style shoes and a sandal all fit perfectly and are a dream to walk in was beyond belief. 

Comfort is number one for me, then due to having chemical sensitivities, natural materials without the toxic off-gassing (new shoe smell), common of most shoes is greatly important.  While fashion is the least important to me, it's always nice to look good too, something I've always had to sacrifice with other shoes until now!

When I first saw the prices, I thought, I'll never spend that on shoes.  I was wrong.  Naot have proven to me that you get what you pay for.  Like linen sheets, they only get more comfortable with wear.  And I actually forget all about my feet when I'm wearing them, that is, until someone asks me where did I get the beautiful shoes; Something that has never happened before wearing Naots.

I sometimes would have to take a second pair of shoes with me just so that I could give my feet a break from one pain only to switch to another.  No more.  To go barefoot in sandals for hours without even thinking about foot pain is amazing!

Online Price: $150.00

Genuine Italian Leather Upper Hand Stitched, Vegetable Dyed
Adjustable velcro closures
Padded heel cup for stability & comfort.
Water-based glue used during production
Removable, anatomical, suede-covered cork and natural latex foot-bed
Lightweight Polyurethane Sole
Anatomical Foot-bed that replicates the image of your foot

Skilled Shoemakers Paid Fair wage.
Naot Canada (solemates inc) donates to homeless shelters, victims of natural disasters
Canadian charities and proceeds also go to cancer research.
Natural Materials


Naot started out as a small factory in Israel producing work boots back in 1942. Today Naot’s products include a mix of shoes, boots, and sandals for men, women and children with anatomically correct insoles that will conform to the shape of the wearer’s foot.

Naot offers a unique combination of comfort shoes that support the foot in a manner that doctors would approve of yet the uppers and detail treatments make the wearer feel current in today’s fashions.

Sorry for the wind in the camera, but that's Newfoundland weather for ya!

Corinne Lissoos, President of Naot Canada, is the top enthusiast for the super comfortable and casual Naot footwear line. Her enthusiasm began when she first learned of Naot shoes from her husband, who, while they were living in Israel purchased, and loved, his first pair of Naot’s.

After moving to Canada, Corinne launched Naot Canada. Working from her garage and displaying shoes in only two Toronto- area health food stores, Corinne sold 100 pairs of shoes in the summer of 1989.

Since then, Naot Canada has become as famous for its testimonials and devotees as for its comfort. 

I wanted to try these shoes as the brand ranks in the top 10 comfort shoe brands in the world, and also because Naot manufactures their shoes in a manner that is as environmentally friendly as possible. They use vegetable dyed leathers, water based glues and renewable cork in their shoe construction.

Just like their shoes, these sandals fit amazingly well, conform to your feet, and if you have sensitive or painful feet as I do, these are extremely comfortable to wear. I love the cute design and the soft suede foot bed as well as easy to adjust straps.

These shoes are true to size.  Once again, a women's 38 fit perfectly.
There are no irritation or rub points.
The adjustable design make for a comfortable secure fit.
I used them for both short and long walks on pavement, gravel, grass.

Natural Materials

Searching For The Most Comfortable Ethical Shoes:

About My Feet:
Sensitive ankles & arches
Pain in ball of right foot
Right foot larger than left foot
Neutral arch
Egyptian toes
Size: 7.5 or 38

Daily walking on pavement
Weekly light hiking on rocky & wet ground
Occasional shopping

Priority: Comfort 
Secondary: Natural Materials

Categories: Comfort/Fashion, Comfort/Walking, Comfort/Hiking, Comfort/Leisure

Bonus Points For: Stylish, Ethics, Price

My final results for the most comfortable ethical shoes will be posted at the end of the series.

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