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Cushe Sierra Sandal Review | Finding the Most Comfortable Ethical Shoes

Sixth in my shoe review series is the 

Categories: Comfort/Walking, Comfort/Leisure

These sandals are adorable!  They are lightweight and breathable, with a nicely cushioned rubber sole suitable for walking and leisure activities....This was my first time trying thong sandals, and after a few short walks in them, I decided I just couldn't stand the feeling of something rubbing between my toes...sorta like the finger in a belly button sensation...eeek! but with a little modification, these adorable sandals from Cushe fit perfectly and are a cute summer style.

Cushe Sierra Sandal
Categories: Comfort/Fashion, Comfort/Leisure

Price: $110.00

Upper Material: Full grain leather
Lining: Leather
Sock: Microfiber
Footbed: Moulded EVA for added cushioning and comfort
Outsole: Moulded rubber with unique floral design 

Wolverine Worldwide Foundation supports more than 
190 charitable organizations that impact communities 
around the world, like 1% For The Planet, 
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Color Reviewed: Champagne

Cushe®, (pronounced 'Cushy') was born in the summer of 2004. A brand conceived by a group of footwear designers and enthusiasts, we are an independently thinking, design led footwear brand, based in the UK, offering unique and exciting footwear choices for a dynamic, inspired and confident generation. The Cushe name reflects a way of life that we as a team aspire to and we spend every day refining our art to deliver only the type of shoes that we love to wear ourselves.

Cushe was set up as a direct response to the global brands that dominate the lifestyle footwear market. Our aim is to make something a bit different, unique and set apart from the masses, challenging the boundaries of footwear design rather than following trends set by others.

Ever mindful of the increasing work hours and stress levels of modern living, we strive to create shoes for a lifestyle that is independent and individual, with the freedom to do things our own way, at our own pace. That's the theory anyway, and we design our shoes with this ideal in mind.

We love detail - the little things you can and can't see that make our product that extra bit unique and special. Because we have the know-how, we also utilise the latest manufacturing techniques, and the most innovative materials to make our shoes conform to your foot's natural shape, ensuring comfort, protection and stability. Each shoe's design is thought through, making sure that only the best components and constructions are used.

Season after season, we've strived to challenge our previous collection, to keep bringing fresh and exciting product to the table and we reckon we've once again set the bar even higher. Every shoe in our collection reflects the passion, commitment and enthusiasm of the Cushe team. We hope you love everything about our shoes. Go ahead and take a closer look.

I wanted to try these adorable sandals as they had a nice rubber sole which looked suitable for walking yet were a cute and stylish summer shoe.

I used them for walks on pavement, gravel, grass and in the garden. I found they are best suited for walking and light exercise.

After modification (Removal of thong)
Natural Materials


Searching For The Most Comfortable Ethical Shoes:

About My Feet:
Sensitive ankles & arches
Pain in ball of right foot
Right foot larger than left foot
Neutral arch
Egyptian toes
Size: 7.5 or 38

Daily walking on pavement
Weekly light hiking on rocky & wet ground
Occasional shopping

Priority: Comfort 
Secondary: Natural Materials

Categories: Comfort/Fashion, Comfort/Walking, Comfort/Hiking, Comfort/Leisure

Bonus Points For: Stylish, Ethics, Price

My final results for the most comfortable ethical shoes will be posted at the end of the series.

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