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ASMR Flipping through Canadian Gardening Magazine, Seed Catalogs & Glass Balls | Soft Spoken

This is my first ASMR video 

 It's a long soft spoken video of flipping through garden magazines and catalogs while playing with glass balls. I use these videos regularly to help me sleep and relax so thanks to all the ASMRers out there for posting your relaxing videos.  I hope my video can help someone relax and stimulate an ASMR response.

What is ASMR? 
Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a term used to describe a sensory experience characterized by a deep relaxation and pleasant tingling sensation in the head and scalp, which can be triggered by sounds like whispering or brushing, and visual stimulus like painting or drawing. On YouTube, the phenomenon inspired the creation of "whisperer" videos, in which people attempt to trigger the viewer's ASMR by speaking in a soft voice and making various sounds with inanimate objects.

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Enjoy :)

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