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Rooster Purrs Like A Kitten | Pet Chicken Sounds

I haven't heard him do this in a long while...

When the whole flock would settle down for the night they would huddle together and purr like kittens. Since Combie is the last chicken, we haven't heard him purr in a long lime...Guess being out in the garage watching DH work made him feel relaxed :)

Chickens are very verbal, Roosters crow for many reasons, just as a dog barks. But aside from the well known crow, they have sounds for at least 30 different things.

Here are a few: Danger overhead - Squ-eeeeeeeee"; Something unknown approaching - Uh-hu-HU-hu-hu-hu; Danger on the ground - Buk-buk-buk-buk-buk-buk-BAKAWK! Laughing or found a great treat - Cook-cook-cook-cook-cook; I'm content and happy - the purring in the video. :)

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