Glass Bowl Food Processor | BPA-Free

I'm always on the lookout for the safest kitchen products. 

Teflon-Free, BPA-Free, Lead-Free appliances and cookware are not always easy to find. Check out this PC brand glass bowl food processor from Loblaws which retails for $34.00 cdn.

Similar to mine

I have not been able to find this processor since I bought mine,
it was also unavailable in the USA.

Here are a few other glass bowl food processors:


  1. I can't find this item anywhere, including the Loblaws website. Please could you either provide a link for it or tell me the model name so I can search for it myself (I've already tried searching for PC food processor with no luck). Thanks so much!!! :)

  2. Loblaws don't have the PC appliances on their website. It's just called the 4 cup glass bowl food processor PC brand, it can be found in the appliance section of the store. Best to ask the store manager if they have them or if they can get them. Sorry I couldn't help more.

  3. Not to worry, at long last I've found a company that sells them in Europe and delivers abroad - yay! In all the forums I've looked at searching for a glass bowled processor (and I've looked at a lot), I've not heard anyone mention this brand before. I already have a glass blender but this company makes the processor jug blender AND the main bowl both in glass!! :) In case anyone else is interested (which I'm sure they will be), this is the link to their website and if you scroll down to the bottom all 4 different coloured blenders have glass bowls and jugs. I don't know what they're like yet as I've ordered mine but it's not yet been delivered. If anyone wants a review of it after I've had it a while then please post here to remind me. The link is as follows:

  4. Oh and also for UK buyers there's a 1 litre glass bowl chopper which is a bit bigger than the standard sized mini choppers made by Russell Hobbs (link below). All the other glass ones are smaller mini choppers and there are quite a few glass jug blenders around that would complement it...

  5. Thanks Sia. I had mentioned the Russell Hobbs one on my YouTube Channel, Glad to know you found one that will ship abroad. Thanks.

  6. Hi,

    Please find a new link for the Russell Hobbs 18558 mixer.

    Hope this will help
    Greetings from Galway Ireland

  7. Note the mixer from is 220V main power!!!!


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